HITLER wanted to reshape the world on new foundations : the first being Germans natural superiority and the second being Germany’s purification of the contaminating Jews. Talented orator, master manipulator and propagandist, he convinced many Germans, who wanted precisely it, to become grandiose with the Nazi plan to conquer Europe, USSR and the World. He implemented powerful terror operations, propaganda and mass obedience rituals mobilizing all German population. He imagined a “biocracy”, by not only eliminating Jews but also deciding who can and cannot live on the planet. His success increased his power to trap Germans in a “total war”: to win or to die … all of them like him. Burrowed deep in his bunker, he committed suicide at 56, while the Third Reich that should last a thousand years, collapsed after only twelve years. Hitler is considered a prototype of mass executioner.

© Alice Labrèque and Jean Routier, 2012


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