HENRY IV OF NAVARRE has a unique and mythical profile in the history of France. He was called “the king of heart, the passionate king, the free king ” … because he was open minded, informal and welcoming with his “subjects.” First he was a Protestant, then a Catholic to escape the “ Massacre of Saint-Barthélemi” and to save the monarchy against powerful movements in favor of a republican government. His “Edict of Nantes” developed a better tolerance of Catholics for Protestantism. He set up with his brilliant minister Sully, measures for economic recovery and promoted the development of “New France” in America. He was a protector and a mentor of Samuel De Champlain. Some historians wonder whether he was also Champlain’s father ? He was assassinated while engaged in one of his amorous passions, one that might have provoked a war.

Copyright: Alice Labrèque and Jean Routier, Québec, 2012-2013.


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