We believe we have much to offer, for five major reasons.

Because we got  from excellent teachers in very good universities and institutions [ Canadian, American and European ], high quality education and in depth professional training.

Because we participated in creating new institutions for equality and participative democracy.

Because we largely invest in multidisciplinary research & development with major applications in various private and public sectors. This led us to innovate and develop new methods that have contributed to a better understanding of the causes and the appropriate solutions for several problems of collective life.

Because we travel throughout the world, exercising a great curiosity for other cultures with their languages and their dynamics and developing education means to cope with them.

Finally, because we are stimulated by our university students who participate so passionately to our courses on “Men and Women who Changed the World”. We are now giving 4 courses with 50 characters.

We invite you to look at our courses and lectures available for you.

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