GANDHI became the “Mahâtmâ” leader of the Indian sub-continent. He succeeded in mobilizing large collectivities in various Indian regions. Moreover, he created a radically new and highly demanding way to get Indian Independence and a unified India (Hindus with Muslims).  The deeply non-violent methods he developed in South Africa before implementing them largely in India were aimed at abolishing all types of powers everywhere in the world. He created many training centers, the “Ashrams”, for individuals, groups and communities to learn how to accept violence from the colonizing power, without fighting. He launched strategic campaigns to boycott everything produced or required by the British, using brilliantly the power of the press for Indian People and the rest of the World. He fasted many times, to stop the violence on every side. In 1947, he obtained the Independence of India, but he could not prevent its partition into two states, India and Pakistan. The same year, he was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic.

Copyright: Alice Labrèque and Jean Routier, Québec, 2018.


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