CLEOPATRA was a pharaoh queen during 21 years. She prevented Egypt from becoming a mere roman province. She convinced Caesar to adopt her geostrategic vision and her planning for the World to become a Roman-Egyptian Union at the crossroads of three continents. As she was on the verge of success, Caesar was assassinated. She managed to put everything in place again with his successor Mark Antony. With him, she stopped the Parthian invasion that was likely to occur from Iran to the Atlantic. But Roman senators were opposed to her: “Who is this woman who dares to want to manage the world? “. Octavian and Mark Antony became fierce opponents. Antony was defeated and he committed suicide. Still Cleopatra was ready to make a new alliance with Octavian, but he wanted to kill her. She then preferred to commit suicide, even though she was only 39.

© Alice Labrèque and Jean Routier, 2013



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