LINCOLN raised himself from the most primitive conditions of life to the presidency of the United States. After pioneer hard works, he became a lawyer and a politician. By his determination, his honesty, his ability to work and study, his exceptional oratorical skills, he got enough confidence and acknowledgment to become a congressman. Thanks to a split-off in his opponents Party, he won the Presidency with only 23% of voters and only Northerners. His election immediately triggered the secession of Southern states. Lincoln could not accept this fragmentation of the country: so it was the “Civil War”, the most deadly U.S. wars. At 56, he became the first President to be assassinated while in office. His historical trial is underway : for many he was a great, even the greatest of Presidents, whereas for others, he acted as a dictator.

© Alice Labrèque and Jean Routier, 2012


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